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Freelance: I am available for freelance work and have special rates for non-profits. I happen to have a multitude of passions and have done freelance in the following: Graphic design, logo design, senior portrait photography, wedding photography, interior design, large scale custom paintings, writing, marketing, and event planning. Feel free to contact me at anytime.

What’s new: I’m currently working on an ambitious project: a novel. Well two. And a screenplay. And writing for theater. Yes, I am working on a lot of togs in a bit of an unkempt system, mais, c’est la vie d’un écrivain. When I’m completely done editing I’ll let y’all know. I’m also studying French if you can’t tell. Ouais, c’est tous bon!

At current, I teach EngWrit 112: College Writing at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst where I am completing my Masters of Fine Arts in Fiction Writing. I am extremely excited for this adventure and will keep you posted with updates as they come! Oui oui!

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On Cue

By Ashley Ellen Goetz

In the sound
the sound of the night
whimpering blue
calling on cue the bird speaks
disbelief overcomes a valley of tears
a call unto the chakra of heart blood
but pumping
wailing in uncertain glee
without mixed emotions the bird blinks its mute reconnaissance defibrillation
“Is the Universe a beginning or an end?”

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Water Dragon: La Vérité est une Bonne Possibilité

By Ashley Ellen Goetz


The leaves sigh
in wet drips.

Rain melts snow.

Sun flares.

The world heaves
because it went askew;
it was wrong.

Love knows best.


Know no lover
before knowing thyself.

Know no power
greater than evil
to overcome
that which will
wrong you
before you wrong it.


Be still
for a moment.

Listen to nothing
for an instant.

Stop clocks
so time is not a bother,
because time
is not a constant.


When light
on top of a prism
over a mountain
into a hue
of another dimension
open your third eye
to take in the ringing
to breathe in forever
a lasting breath
that forecasts shadows
in an hour’s glass.


Drink up.
Drink down.
Drink upside down.

Defy gravity.

Revive spirits;
mix them
with spells
of the mind.

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Une Nouvelle Année pour les Dragons

By Ashley Ellen Goetz

Hello there sir.

Oui, ça va bien, mais, Monsieur Dragon, why have you come? For what purpose have you arrived? Ripped in with the fire crackers your people created in a dynasty two centuries before everyone was wowed over by a guy walking on water.

You know…I bet… Monsieur Dragon? Can you stop grooming your tail for a second? I bet that you can slither on water. Can you not?

Oui, you say. Oui.

Swallowing water and turning it into steam…. Ahh. A nice trick you have there.

May I see that again? Okay, okay, and now I’m wet. I’m covered in your spit Monsieur. Pew pew.

Right. Not spit. Elemental.

Fire, heat me. Dragon, don’t eat me.

Wait, wait, okayyyy. There you go. You just bit my cheek.

I hope that tasted delectable because it’s not going to make a very nice story when I tell my mother how I got this hole in my face. Just blow me into dust. That would be a nice ride.

Oui, Monsieur Dragon. You heard me right. D’accord? Finish me off with your fire but do it quickly. I don’t want anyone to see me anymore. I would like to become nothing. Dust. Wind. Air. Floating. Fluttering with the butterflies.

Oui, j’aime le vent aussi. J’aimerais être la poussière dans le vent aujourd’hui.


Merci. Je t’aime black dragon ou êtes-vous vert?

Je ne sais pas.

I no longer have any eyes.

Mais, je t’aime. I will blow away now. Letting go. Out particles.

A partir de rien. De rien. Rien.




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Let These Pages Be Full

By Ashley Ellen Goetz


let not blood stream
let children live
like love
on the strings of balloon animals

let kites soar to the moon
at night
hearts afloat with the Gods of Light

jade waterlilies
elephants in hats
black smiling bats
cry ice tears for their fallen mates

let not this country do for you
what it hath done to yesterday
unless what it hath done to yesterday
is smile


when the day breaks forth
and the moon still unfolds
in circling clouds
walk a long walk home

when tears stain black
and blood bleeds red
note that a woman with a mind
has paralleled with the loon

when a kitten is not a kitten
but a cat
and a child not a child
but a dog

sing sweet melodies when
that child is sound asleep
cuddled in a fur ball
atop everything important


make your heart a beacon
spread forth your beating
for what beckons you on
spread butter on English muffins

make war a video game
spread your sorrows
for death on pixels
spread life atop trees

make pancakes on slow days
spread syrup from Maples
for tapping can be such sweet sorrow
spread happily on your grandmother’s plate

make love a permanent fixture
spread open for those deserving
for family is not a bitter end
spread across your face


listen light
moon melodies
listen yearning
heart beat

listen sir
you don’t even know me
listen bicycle
roll faster than a stalker walks

listen priest
my religious preference is ecclectic
listen soul
to the drumming of the earth

listen coyote
you do not scare me
listen cat
you are home at long last

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Finding Manchester

A new novel excerpt. And I know, I know, I can’t decide on my pseudonym. Trying to weigh out which names to carry on from those no longer living, but dear to me; indecisive.

Download the PDF here

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The Diary of An Occupier

Download a month-long journal of a resident Occupier here.

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Amherst Books Reading – Live Lit

Skip to the end to watch Ashley Ellen Goetz read here

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Sometimes the radio -is- talking to you; and you -do- need to hear it.


By Ashley Ellen

Screenshots of my goings ons. I didnt’ mean to occupy but sort of fell into it during waking hours of importance.



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Antsy Pants – Vampire

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At home with honey

This is beautiful for today.

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The ed board is tweeting: From Nieman Journalism Lab

I took a little liberty of editing a few minor things in this article…hope you don’t mind….
Nieman Journalism Lab
Pushing to the future of journalism — A project of the Nieman Foundation at Harvard
NOV. 10, 12:30 P.M.

The ed board is tweeting: Why the South Florida Sun-Sentinel opinion staff convenes on Twitter

By moving their morning meeting to Twitter, the editorial board is letting readers see how the opinion, sausage, gets made.

The editorial board can be one of the most opaque parts of a newspaper. That’s infuriating for many readers though, considering the editorial team’s role as the tradition-bound conscience of the paper, not to mention bouncer for all letters to the editor, is what they want to know about. What constitutes transparency for many boards of any kind is a regularly scheduled public chit-chat in the community room of the local library: It’s coffee, shortbread, the liberal guy who rages on income inequality, and the conservative guy who always agrees with Cal Thomas.

The thing is, unlike the “straight-news” reporters down the hall, the editorial department can take all those fun/catty/just-short-of-libelous debates writers have with each other at their desks out into the open — because they’re allowed to have a public opinion.

Actually, that’s sort of what happened at the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. Almost a month ago, the editorial writers and columnists for the Sun-Sentinel took their morning meeting onto Twitter, where they could pitch and pick apart ideas for the next day’s editorials, columns, and questions to readers. Beginning around 10 AM EST every morning, the discussion gets going around #bigsbuzz, starting with the topics of the day, like a casino bill making its way through the Florida legislature or the latest or the newest development out of the Herman Cain campaign. Antonio Fins, opinions editor for the Sun-Sentinel, said the loose, light-hearted nature of the meetings translate well into Twitter, which provides the added benefit of drawing in new readers. There’s a strangely robust, if truncated at times, conversation that takes place even within a 140 character limit. Writers have to condense their thoughts down to that limit, but over the course of the 45-to-60-minute conversation, they can still say plenty.

“It just falls on Fins to make sure the conversation keeps moving and the agenda for the next day’s page is set.”

As an example, here’s a selection of tweets from this morning’s meeting, where they discussed the firing of Penn State football coach Joe Paterno under a cloud of scandal.

“Was it worth doing something for tomorrow’s paper?” and if so, what form should it take? You’ll get a good idea of the back-and-forth and the sprawling, informal tone, which does a pretty good job of evoking a newsroom bull session, he jarred.

The Twitter meetings are the latest turn in a strategy started three years ago to move the editorial group into a digital era. The original idea called for the kind of chat room where the staff could cast out editorial ideas feedback and refinement from readers. That gave way to online videos of the editorial meetings, but the complication there was in the time necessary for the editing. (Fins said they may revisit video with a livestream using webcams in their offices.) Fins said the idea of taking the editorial team from behind closed doors was always popular — finding the best medium was the hard part)

“For us, it’s a bit of a valve to let loose, have fun, and engage with people,” he said.

Twitter was the right fit — or at least for right now — because it was a simple solution: The ability to talk with each other and bring in an audience. Fins said he alone picks up 5-10 followers a day because of the meetings.

“It’s the one place where we as editorial board members can be edgy, not as staid or deliberative,” Fins said.

It’s also a device for promotion; not just for the paper, but the individual writers. Because of the nature of opinion writing — just like sports columnists or journalism punditry — you’re known as much for your voice as who you’re writing for.

“What I’m trying to cultivate here and make more transparent is our own individual viewpoints and personalities,” Fins said.

Fins has been at the Sun-Sentinel for 15 years. Nine of those  years were in the editorial department. But for the last five, Fin has been the editor. A lot’s changed during that time. And while the editors are called on to do more work now (Fins reads most of the letters to the editor himself), that over extension hasn’t been for the worse.

Fins tells me they’re now doing more community outreach than ever before. Aside from the online discussion, they’ve kept a regular schedule of local forums where readers can discuss issues in the news and have real true face time with policymakers. They’re holding events that attract 200, sometimes 400 people–and that’s amazing for a College Newspaper, or for anything!

“We’re not diminishing the role of the editorial board, we’re bringing more audience to it,” he said.

But the role of the institutional voice remains, Fins said. Thought, perhaps more importantly, the role of institutional “convener” seems to have been expanded.

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