Wise Acre Eatery – A model for sustainable dining

“The shortest distance between the earth, the hand, and the mouth.”

The owners of the lovely Tangletown Gardens store located at 56th & Penn, celebrated the opening of their new neighboring farm-sustained diner, Wise Acre Eatery, last weekend. The Eatery takes up house in the old Liberty Frozen Custard building across from their Garden Store and the Fire Station in Tangletown.

Tangletown Farms, a 100+ acre family farm located outside of appropriately named, Plato, MN, supplies the restaurant with farm-raised produce as well as Scottish Highland cattle and Berkshire Hogs for Wise Acre meat, and chickens for both meat and eggs. They say that since their gardens are ever changing, so is their menu.

The Eatery boasts garage door windows that open up to the outdoor patio, bringing in bright sun and open air, perfect for keeping the plants and herbs alive and well along the indoor walls. Roped construction lights hang from the ceiling over the lacquered wooden tables that shine the sense of farmtown nostalgia from the stables in Plato. Even the garbage here comes full circle from compost to soil.

With a monthly-changing menu, akin to the seasonal growing cycle, the food carries a home-cooked vibrancy with a mix of modern culinary style. The food’s aesthetic is carefully considered, with warm tones from carrot mashers to bright mustard greens and sugar snap peas. The flavors are fresh with unexpected highlights like dill pickled fried chicken, basil whipped brie, and shallot marmalade. The cuisine is richly executed with a wise simplicity, and is perfectly portioned for a dainty serving of decadent custard.

All free-range, grass-fed, organically fertilized and transported from a family farm, Wise Acre really takes the term “locavore” to the next level.

Wise Acre will be open from 7am for coffee, baked goods, and bag lunches, and will serve dinner 5 to 9 p.m. For more information on their farm, or to view their recent menu, visit: http://www.wiseacreeatery.com

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