Sometimes the radio -is- talking to you; and you -do- need to hear it.


By Ashley Ellen

Screenshots of my goings ons. I didnt’ mean to occupy but sort of fell into it during waking hours of importance.



About Ashley Ellen Goetz

Hi, my name is Ashley Ellen Goetz. I work out of Easthampton, MA and do freelance graphic design, logo design, print design, illustration, custom large scale art and painting, freelance photography, interior design, and freelance writing. If you can't tell, my passions are painting, writing and design. I also love to bike whenever possible, travel, and read.
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3 Responses to Sometimes the radio -is- talking to you; and you -do- need to hear it.

  1. Thanks Jennifer! The Circle Research Game above worked great! We did it with music on Pandora that I changed every few minutes and they were singin’ along and brainstorming ideas for each other. It was perfect! I think they had fun. Their papers are coming along awesome.


  2. And I have some great audio and interviews that I heard and plan to share on NPR local and National tonight! I bet some of you heard it too! :)

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