Let These Pages Be Full

By Ashley Ellen Goetz


let not blood stream
let children live
like love
on the strings of balloon animals

let kites soar to the moon
at night
hearts afloat with the Gods of Light

jade waterlilies
elephants in hats
black smiling bats
cry ice tears for their fallen mates

let not this country do for you
what it hath done to yesterday
unless what it hath done to yesterday
is smile


when the day breaks forth
and the moon still unfolds
in circling clouds
walk a long walk home

when tears stain black
and blood bleeds red
note that a woman with a mind
has paralleled with the loon

when a kitten is not a kitten
but a cat
and a child not a child
but a dog

sing sweet melodies when
that child is sound asleep
cuddled in a fur ball
atop everything important


make your heart a beacon
spread forth your beating
for what beckons you on
spread butter on English muffins

make war a video game
spread your sorrows
for death on pixels
spread life atop trees

make pancakes on slow days
spread syrup from Maples
for tapping can be such sweet sorrow
spread happily on your grandmother’s plate

make love a permanent fixture
spread open for those deserving
for family is not a bitter end
spread across your face


listen light
moon melodies
listen yearning
heart beat

listen sir
you don’t even know me
listen bicycle
roll faster than a stalker walks

listen priest
my religious preference is ecclectic
listen soul
to the drumming of the earth

listen coyote
you do not scare me
listen cat
you are home at long last

About Ashley Ellen Goetz

Hi, my name is Ashley Ellen Goetz. I work out of Easthampton, MA and do freelance graphic design, logo design, print design, illustration, custom large scale art and painting, freelance photography, interior design, and freelance writing. If you can't tell, my passions are painting, writing and design. I also love to bike whenever possible, travel, and read.
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  1. Chelsea says:

    Love it Ashley. Beautiful words. Whimsical and true. Thoughtful with a touch of grass roots.

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