Une Nouvelle Année pour les Dragons

By Ashley Ellen Goetz

Hello there sir.

Oui, ça va bien, mais, Monsieur Dragon, why have you come? For what purpose have you arrived? Ripped in with the fire crackers your people created in a dynasty two centuries before everyone was wowed over by a guy walking on water.

You know…I bet… Monsieur Dragon? Can you stop grooming your tail for a second? I bet that you can slither on water. Can you not?

Oui, you say. Oui.

Swallowing water and turning it into steam…. Ahh. A nice trick you have there.

May I see that again? Okay, okay, and now I’m wet. I’m covered in your spit Monsieur. Pew pew.

Right. Not spit. Elemental.

Fire, heat me. Dragon, don’t eat me.

Wait, wait, okayyyy. There you go. You just bit my cheek.

I hope that tasted delectable because it’s not going to make a very nice story when I tell my mother how I got this hole in my face. Just blow me into dust. That would be a nice ride.

Oui, Monsieur Dragon. You heard me right. D’accord? Finish me off with your fire but do it quickly. I don’t want anyone to see me anymore. I would like to become nothing. Dust. Wind. Air. Floating. Fluttering with the butterflies.

Oui, j’aime le vent aussi. J’aimerais être la poussière dans le vent aujourd’hui.


Merci. Je t’aime black dragon ou êtes-vous vert?

Je ne sais pas.

I no longer have any eyes.

Mais, je t’aime. I will blow away now. Letting go. Out particles.

A partir de rien. De rien. Rien.




About Ashley Ellen Goetz

Hi, my name is Ashley Ellen Goetz. I work out of Easthampton, MA and do freelance graphic design, logo design, print design, illustration, custom large scale art and painting, freelance photography, interior design, and freelance writing. If you can't tell, my passions are painting, writing and design. I also love to bike whenever possible, travel, and read.
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