Water Dragon: La Vérité est une Bonne Possibilité

By Ashley Ellen Goetz


The leaves sigh
in wet drips.

Rain melts snow.

Sun flares.

The world heaves
because it went askew;
it was wrong.

Love knows best.


Know no lover
before knowing thyself.

Know no power
greater than evil
to overcome
that which will
wrong you
before you wrong it.


Be still
for a moment.

Listen to nothing
for an instant.

Stop clocks
so time is not a bother,
because time
is not a constant.


When light
on top of a prism
over a mountain
into a hue
of another dimension
open your third eye
to take in the ringing
to breathe in forever
a lasting breath
that forecasts shadows
in an hour’s glass.


Drink up.
Drink down.
Drink upside down.

Defy gravity.

Revive spirits;
mix them
with spells
of the mind.

About Ashley Ellen Goetz

Hi, my name is Ashley Ellen Goetz. I work out of Easthampton, MA and do freelance graphic design, logo design, print design, illustration, custom large scale art and painting, freelance photography, interior design, and freelance writing. If you can't tell, my passions are painting, writing and design. I also love to bike whenever possible, travel, and read.
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