Figments of Childhood

By Ashley Ellen

This is a series of drawings about the imagination, childhood and nature. It began as drawings and eloped into screen prints which immersed into an array of prints on wood, hand sewn pillows, plush animals, t shirts, paintings, etc. This was the first.

Grandma’s Flowers

Grandma’s Flowers

This image began the series. The flowers are inspired by a pillow case print that was my grandmothers. She passed away about a year ago now. In this illustration, the girl is inquisitive, it gives the idea that she is attempting the pull the flower back to earth as it grows away from her, towering over her head. Little creatures slip out of the background like spirits, watching over the girl, calmly, with neutral expressions.

The theme of all of the work surrounds the idea of imagination in childhood. I explore the nature of curiosity, learning and understanding the world. The characters remain neutral in emotion, contemplative and inquisitive. The background creatures represent the element of security and comfort.

Cat door

Bus stop

A day for a canoe

Admit One, Paddle Boat