Magazines and Newspapers

July 30th, 2007

I am at the Daily right now, I’ll probably be here all night, at least until about ten. I just gained a huge appreciation for my job. Today a lot of pieces fell into place, in a matter of distraction at work I really feel so at ease, like I may have figured out at least the next year of my life.

I am putting an editorial spread together on a story about couch surfing. There is an online network of people from all over the world with profiles on the couch surfing project site. You can connect with anyone through the site and link up with them in another city, country, continent, they will pick you up from the airport, let you stay on their couch and introduce you to the area. Mi casa es su casa mentality. I would really like to sign up, how wonderful would it be to have interesting people stay on your couch for the weekend? As I peered around the site I came back to an earlier thought, more of an urge, really- to travel to London next summer, which brought me on to the BBC website. I read a little about Gordon Brown, the new prime minister, meeting with Bush, and found my way to seeking out more interesting news. I then stumbled to Science Magazine, a really interesting journal and became extremely intrigued. I have always had an interest for science, especially geology, astronomy, biology and the like. At that point I got a hinkering for tacos and most immediately took off for my lunch break, noticing that it was in fact 12:30.

I returned an hour later with some Taco Johns and an exciting collection of magazines. I picked up Time, Newsweek and two intriguing magazines I had never seen before, Seed and Ecologist. Seed is published in New York city and has the idea that Science is Culture, it is full of interesting design, flashy, informative graphics and super sexy articles like, “What is Life” and “Before the Big Bang.” Well okay, super sexy to me. I love this stuff. The Ecologist is published in London, I was surprised to find out, and is light on advertisements and heavy on content, interesting and witty photography and very shnazzy graphic design. I decided that my goal is to work for one of these magazines.

Now I’m at the Newspaper and all I can think about is heading home, cuddling up on my down comforter with all of the shiny, crinkly, magazines full of insight and juicy techy, environmental, plate-tectonic, liquidy magma of evolution and future prophecy of british wit and biological enlightenment combined with colorful photography and typographic luster. So I am off to finish my work, then off to the house in a few hours for some promised left overs and a piece of vegan chocolate cake. The thought of magazines brings me back to a vivid memory with my friend Julie, the two of us on a beach, reading Time and Vanity Fair, along with the chimes of Salif Keita and afro pop in the background. She had commented that the sun was very casual in the late afternoon, and expression that I am unsure has ever before been uttered.