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July 31st, 2007

july 20th: [12:13pm]
i just had carrot juice.. whoever invented carrot juice should be arrested

july 24th:
[12:26 pm]
it is summer and it is minnesota and we have bikes and friends and cut offs.. so we make a day of buying sun glasses.. thanks, seriously
[12:33 pm]
Lets get lunch this week! I love getting lunch it makes me feel grown up.

Its raining SO HARD and we have the studio door open listening to it..
[3:19 pm]
Its sunny here and but there is an enormous cloud approaching. I feel much better! Work slowed so im getting back to my novel writing.
Ha I want to read it.. thats weird we are so close to eachother and its not raining there. We just tell stories and jokes its perfect
[3:22 pm]
It is.

July 27th:
[10:10 pm]
Ashley I just wanted to call and tell you how crazy this is up here, I’m at this wedding, and it’s crazy because these people-their job is not having fun and if it was a just sitting there contest there would be a bagillion way tie. I came here and I want to dance and nobody one wants to dance. I just like to dance. I just want to break it down. I dont want to do it so people watch me, I just want  to do it cuz I fuckin like to move my feet. I feel like Im on an elevator at this dance right now. They are playing elevator music. And I am laying in the grass right now and you are wearing a hat right now.

july 30th:
[10:16 pm]
That was a long fuckin day. Im just leaving work. How are you?
[10:29 pm]
No way.. Seriously just leaving? My day was great.. I realized some things but not really bad things.. yeah long day.
I worked both jobs and now I’m on the bus for awhile. What’d you realize?
Ugh, nothing new, I guess I just felt the need to act on it… it sounds more dramatic than it is.
[10:40 pm]
Well I hope it was something good. Avoid drama at all costs. It feels like florida outside.
Yea, things are good.. I really hope they are good for you too.
[10:48 pm]
Things are great. I’ve never seen downtown like I’m seeing it right now. Feels like its the first time I’ve been here. All I notice is the wind and the smells.
Downtown is something that is too romantic in the kind of romantic way that people have with friends.. It reminds me of my first place here and the view and smell and sounds being scared and excited all at once.. That was three years ago exactly.
[10:56 pm]
And there’s somthing about it being quiet and night and so warm that the air is heavy. Its like that nostalgic feeling you get at airports.
[10:57 pm]
I know the airport feeling too.. i will never forget how the san diego airport smells like coming home or how the air feels in summer here…
[11:00 pm]
I love airports. You’re always leaving to somewhere new or coming home. I’ll always love that. Its a good night.
[11:07 pm]
I plan on going to bed soon soon.. Sleep good when you get home.. Also I feel it prudent to tell you that im really glad we are friends.
[11:09 pm]
Im really glad too. And I’m even more glad that you used the word prudent.