The things I miss

March 2, 2007

Since I’ve been back from Europe, I have felt an emptiness that cannot be filled. Not that billows of snow and hour commutes or fast food corporate America has anything to do with it. There is an unmistakable beauty of the historically preserved cobble streets of Florence, of the collage like montage of Irish fields, of a freshly brewed Guinness as it sifts in it’s cold pint. I am aching for culture. I am trapped into the routine of rush hour traffic and regularly scheduled television programming, of microwaves, dishwashers and Michelina’s 95 cent frozen budget meals. This is not culture. Am I to blame for not keeping the lifestyle that I had adapted in Italia? Or is America to blame? It is so hard to push out of the bubble that encloses me here. I miss it. You can see it, in the pictures, the colors, the architecture, the light. The light is different there. You can feel it, the energy, the comfort, the family, the contact, the closeness. Maybe when the snow thaws and the spring awakens it will feel more like home. For now I’ll hold on to the memories and let them warm this bubble I’m in.

Photos by: Ashley Ellen

memorie d’italia e europa, ti vediamo dopo