Don’t Go Away: Poems for the Rain

By Ashley Ellen Goetz

  1. Did you hear me, rain?
    I said I love you, for all of the obvious reasons; list a reason; the answer is yes.
  2. Right as rain…
  3. “‘Tis a drippy drippy birdsong day…” read the sailor, from the diary of a girl who survived a plane crash around 1966, but died before being rescued.
  4. Now it’s a shower outside. A continuous sheet. An ocean of 90% drops and 10% air. It’s white-ish.
  5. Red buildings; tree stalks; faded against a gray-white background nearing complete opacity.
  6. Rain, rain, don’t go away, please don’t leave me alone another day.
  7. When I wake up, I think of you, rain. Drips. Aches. Pierces. Eyes slit. Clenched. Nose tears. Pout.
  8. Bubble shimmer dream pop bloat bubble up down on the ground over under the door out the window to the sky-like-looking blue kite with cloud wings made from rain drop drops floating to the wayward sun; they’ll be peace when you are done.
  9. Before I wake up I dream of you. You enter through a doorway. You pause. You stop. You look at me. I look at you. You drop into me; rain; neck pulled in tight hugs; just hugs; because the day we kiss is the day harmonica’s will sing forever.
  10. Wet leaf flutters with a cool breeze through gray light on a reflective pond-type black and white day.
  11. Collegiate he says. Cozy people, they say. Fisherman’s town she wishes; throws a rod out to sea with no wire, just hooks; catches; digs deep; resonates; thunder growls; fear gasps; yellow light, glow; tosses the fish free but wishes that she had brought a very large tank with her so she could have taken them fish home to care for and feed a good and hearty meal for the rest of their fish days.