Un Gatto dans un Chapeau

By Ashley Ellen Evelyn Edmonson Goetz



I call your name into the dark.

You do not come.

I will leave the door cracked for you.

Please come home.

My heart wants to stop crying today.

It wants to live just a little bit less.

But give a little bit more.

The door is wide open now.

I have spread Feline Greenies on your faux-fur blanket.

I made them a poem.

For you to play with.

You have to dig just a little bit more to find the truth of your heart.

I stare.

Eyes locked at the door.



Waiting for a lion.

Will you come home my dear?

Will you come sleep with me now?

It’s getting cold in here.

And I have the heater on medium.

I could turn on the heat but I don’t want to waste the energy.


I hear.

Is that you my dear?

My girl?

Have you come home?


Well, be ok.

Be more than ok.

Hide in a pretty bush with a warm squirrel family to make you tea.

Bake your bread.

Spread you hummus.

Drink their wine though.

They will offer it as a gift I’m sure.

Or are you back now?

I don’t mind honey.

You can go and play in the dark.

Your eyes can see.

You are, for the fact of the matter, a chat in a hat.

Un gatto dans un chapeau.