On an Elevator in a Hat

Ashley Ellen

You’re on the cusp of the valley, the cusp of the rift, the cup of the breast, the edge of the steeple, green fronds scaled like fingers, touching your face, hot sweet comfort, cocoa, latte, sun shake, touch my bare skin, sunlight slips between buttons, unbuttons, black, lips of doves, if doves did talk, speak white light, blue light, through light, holds, loves, like one’s testing waters, for mutual moments, for limbs of thorns, wafts of waves of wind of waves of leaves of trees of photosynthetic sleeves of cotton of sweater sweat of touching my neck of nothing of everything of mystic of sweet gracious blue white bliss of silent kisses of legs of fences of farms in heaven, of cascading cymbal crashes of Lake Erie white and gray and pale blue and of Arizona and the fields of Iowa of the streets of Peoria, with children walking, laughing, drinking hose water, push popsicles, orange ones, always orange ones, dripping down your chin orange, down your fingers, dripping across the innocent crest of your arm, white child’s hair, cut with a leveler, an elbow crease, a knee squeeze, a wrap around, a tap dance around, a belly slap around, a booty bop around, a bop kabbalah around, Rhymesayers around, spoon ledgers around, moon dancing around, relaxing around, high flying around, rings around rosies and pockets full of posies around, beat boxing around, no Fleet Foxing around, what an amazing sound, on the dish dash on the dash board confessionals through Montanna, through snow storms, through forrester’s cabins, through Al’s Westward Ho Motel, through whiskey games, til we couldn’t remember our names, til we leaned on each other’s veins, through the sheets, through the streets, through the beet fields, through the maple trees, through the Berkshires, sketch through Albany, until you call me from Emergency, you wake on the ground, looking up at a frown, wide awake on your crown, decomposing on the lawn, on the dawn, in the John, with Haynes on the elevator, at that dance, at that wedding, when he called and said, Ashley, I just wanted to call and tell you how crazy this is up here; I’m at this wedding, and it’s crazy because the people—their job is not having fun and if it was a “just sitting there contest” it would be a bagillion way tie; I came here and I want to dance and nobody wants to dance; I just like to dance; I just want to break it down; I don’t want to do it so people watch me; I just want to do it ‘cuz I fucking like to move my feet; I feel like I’m on an elevator at this dance right now; they are playing elevator music and I am laying in the grass right now and you are wearing a hat right now.