One Sunny Afternoon

By Ashley Ellen Evelyn Edmonson Goetz

Love made a friend.

It was black.

And black was good.

No one was worried.

They were playing children’s games.

I looked.

You paused and waited.

You both did.

Blacky and Whitey.

You made friends.

Those friends were each other.

You ran up over the rafters when I blew smoke in the face of empty.

You scurried silently away.

I trust you.

I leaned back.

Crossed my knit boots.

My mucklucks.

My Shaman toes.

The light would not go out.

I tried to blow it.

I looked at the head-less Priest.

I shook my head at him.

I looked at the kneeling, bowing Angel.

She reminded me to look again.

I saw that you, Priest, were holding a dove.

A morning gift.

Thank you.

I bow.

I place my half full filter still burning in front of the Goddess.

It is a Sanctuary.

It is Bop Kabbalah.

It is Nothing.

It is Everything.

I leave you be.

You are O.K.

It is done.

It is finished.

You are gone.

Far and Away.

I tell you to scratch at the locked door if you want to come in.

I left the front door open.


If someone hears you crying, they will surely let you in.

Be strong.

You’re having fun tonight.

Oh I forgot, it’s Morning!

Good Day Sir!

It’s a sunny afternoon is it not?