Portrait of a Cat

By Ashley Ellen Evelyn Edmonson Goetz


You sit.

You stare.

At the emptiness between the frame.

Once it was stretched taught across you.

The painting was.

It was sort of sad and blurry.

It was a tree.

There were little ditties in it.

They smiled at you, Cat.

Their eyes twinkled with wanderlust.

They didn’t have to speak.

They didn’t have to nod.

You cocked your head.

You were looking into the past.

It is now torn and discarded.

But do not worry, kitten.

It will be stretched again with love.

So pure and so true and so green that Cleopatra will bow.

So put your hat back on cat.

Uncock your head.

Look deeper.

Look into the future.

Into your minds triangle.


Bells ring.

Wake up child.

You were napping.

Don’t take a cat nap.

Go to sleep my love.

When you wake all the world will be shimmering.

Goodnight moonlit afternoon.
Echo: Goodnight….