Sometimes You Want Everyone Else to Be Right There with You in Every Moment

Ashley Ellen Goetz

And when you can’t have everyone else right there with you in every moment, you draw them pictures, or make videos, or take Polaroids, or Instax’s, or you let them listen to the recording, or you take a note or two, but when you’re nice, you make it a poem, because you want them to smile, or you Skype message them, but when you really miss them, they set you on the table with Skype video and you eat dinner together, and when you really really miss them, you have a Skype video happy hour, or maybe you pick up the phone, but that’s hard, but playing online Monopoly over the phone, while drinking, at 4 am and totally wasting your anonymous fourth opponent, that’s easy, or you take random flights, because you want them all in your lives, but then some days you just need to take a nap, smile, and realize how beautiful you are right now, and how beautiful the sunlight is, and go run around in a field, or ride a wobbly bicycle, or jump in a cold lake, or sing really embarrassing karaoke songs, and sometimes you need to realize that while what you’re doing is hard, and so so much work, it’s amazing, and you love it, but you have the authority to breath once in awhile.