Ye Ole Brewing Hole

Ashley Ellen Goetz

I look around at Ye Ole Watering Hole and I see a “Cash only” sign; Smithwick’s; aluminum cylinders of elder years, stacked shoulder to shoulder on the wall; the beer can museum; excessive coasters; low-slung exits; untimely compulsive spectators; a linoleum-tiled pool hall; tubs of onions; tubs of limes; buckets of oranges; chip clips; skinny single-serving sizes; MFA students shuffling in to the brim; free Monday’s; Ozzy breaks the silence; shouts of “Ayye, ayye, ayye…;” spinning amber lights; windy whirl; white painted squares; wrinkling Gazette of yesterday; Jameson & ginger ales; liquor sip; foam cup; wood ledge; out door; stumble night.