Writings on design

I am very receptive to the world around me. Design is more than just an aesthetic to me it is a principle that spans the way we live each day, what we live for, how we interact, the way we travel, even the things we think about and every thing we touch. It is not only something we do, but a science that we decipher. From the organic patterns in the intricate details of nature, design is intelligent and comprehensive. The deeper into the rabbit hole we go, the vaster the span of design grows.

Welcome to the designed world.

What better way to analyze design than to read about it? Below are writings of my own on design. Further are writings by others. Please feel free to start a discussion on any of the works.

By Ashley Ellen

Creating the ideas

Olafur Eliasson

Paul Rand

John Baskerville and Paul Renner

El Lissitzky


By others

Jonah Lehrer, The Living City (August 2007- SEED Magazine)